Fifty miles to the northeast through the tiny town of Kokadjo and in part on The Golden Road to Baxter State Park towers the "mile high" Mt. Katahdin. Near Greenville you will find Big Squaw Mountain. Be adventurous - climb Big Spencer Mountain or Elephant Mountain.

As you travel the back roads, moose watching is a common occurrence. Take the water taxi from Rockwood and climb Mt. Kineo to enjoy a 360 degree view of the Moose River, the East Outlet and West Outlet of the Kennebec River, Rockwood, Seboomook, Moosehead, Little Kineo, Northeast Carry, and almost all of Moosehead Lake from the fire tower at its summit.

In Greenville you can cruise aboard the Katahdin, a converted steamboat from the past. Fly with the bush pilots out of Greenville or Greenville Junction on a routine fire patrol or spend the day exploring the shops and dining at one of the many fine restaurants the area has to offer.


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